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Here are various interesting documents that show different viewpoints in relation to global governance. They are all from around the turn of the New Millenium. If we look at them we realize that they have not lost any of their actuality. On the contrary they are gaining more importance with each and every new day.

Our esteemed reader, we are grateful that you are interested in Vladimir Petrovsky's archive. We would love to hear your feedback on the materials presented here. If you are going to use materials from the Petrovsky archive, we appreciate if you write a line on where you used or cited documents. This will help us improve the website and offer maximum benefit to readers and admirers of Vladimir Petrovsky's heritage.

Documents (speeches) may be downloaded, but if used for publication(s) or for purposes of your own research, the origin of the citation and the credit have to be mentioned. The credit should read: “United Nations Archives at Geneva”

1. "UN Must Balance Its Idealism With Global Reality", by Ramesh Thakur 25.06.1999, Herald Tribune.


2. "Are We Asking To Much of the U.N." by Robert P. DeVecchi and Arthur C. Helton, 19.09.1999,

The Washington Post.


Washington Post 19.09.99.jpg

3. "A New Debate on the "Global Governance"" by Reginald Dale, 25.07.00, Herald Tribune.


Herald Tribune 25.07.00.jpg

4. "A world that turns too fast" Thomas Homer-Dixon, 02.02.01, Financial Times.


FT 02.02.01.jpg

5. Promise, Potential and Pitfalls – The United Nations on the Eve of the 21st Century - 13/2/1998


US Amb. Moore 13.02.98-1.jpg

6. UNESCO Magazine – July/August 1999


Unesco No 114 July - August 1999-1.jpg

7. The Secretary General calls for Democratic Governance at Global Level – 20/8/2001


UN 20.08.01-1.jpg
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